Don’t get Green – Lineker deserves freedom of tweets

I had to do a double take as I walked past a newspaper stand this morning, with Gary Lineker’s face splattered all over the front pages. 

What had England’s favourite football broadcaster and self-proclaimed ‘spud-flogger’ done, I asked myself.

A quick perusal of the detail made me think he’d been some kind of outspoken delinquent – his mouth running away from him like his feet used to dance around defenders on the football pitch.

Alas, it appears Lineker has had the audacity to be sympathetic to the plight of refugees: refugees that have escaped the war-torn terror in their own countries and arrived in Calais, searching for a better life. No – scratch that – searching for a life in which they’re not at the mercy of violence and death every day.

But the people (yes, we are talking about people!) who have arrived in London this week are not cute little kids, but adolescents or even, dare I say it, young men! Outrageous. Publications including the Sun and the Mail, and politicians including Tory MP David Davies, have suggested that dental records should’ve been examined before letting these people into our country, to ensure they were of the appropriate age – whatever that is.

The point Lineker is making is that these people need help – therefore their age is irrelevant. As you’d expect the Sun have taken the high ground over the matter, putting a (not so) well-reasoned argument back at Lineker’s door:

“Out on his ears – calls for BBC to fire Lineker as he peddles migrant lies.” 

“The jug-eared Match of the Day host…”

Of course the Sun – owned by Rupert Murdoch – have no reason to go for Lineker. There’s no personal vendetta. The fact Lineker works for BT Sport – rival of another of Murdoch’s businesses, Sky Sports – is a total coincidence…

Another man feeling the heat of public scrutiny this week is Sir Philip Green – or plain old Phil Green, if the MP’s get their way.

Parliament want Green’s knighthood stripped in the wake of the BHS sale debacle that Green oversaw, which resulted in a huge shortfall emerging in the employee pension scheme. There’s  no doubt Green has been exposed and has made mistakes, but as this article points out, others should also be held accountable including BHS’s auditors, the company that facilitated the sale, and even the government’s own HMRC.

Sadly MP’s failed to ask these questions, but at least he might be stripped of his title – that’ll earn a headline or two which should put the story to bed.

thiefAnd BHS was not the only retailer in the news this week, as Dunelm Mills reported possibly the most amusing theft story ever seen on social media. Northants Police are looking for this man after he allegedly stole a venetian blind from the store. They must have done some reconnaissance on this case – I mean how on earth do they know he stole it?!

There’s always something isn’t there; the falling pound, rising inflation, rising unemployment, comedy thieves, you name it, they’ve got to contend with it.

Speaking of inflation, figures out this week revealed an increase to 1% in CPI – largely down to rises in clothing and hotel costs. With Unilever last week pushing for rises in food prices, and with the pound continuing to drag its knuckles along the road, don’t be surprised to see further increases as the year draws to a close.

Anyway, better go. The dog’s just been sick – luckily I have some old newspapers to do the honours with…


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