Trump, Farage and the dark side of the moon

Sky gazers may have been treated to a rare sight of solar splendor this week, but those looking a little closer to Earth didn’t get quite such a good view.

If Monday’s ‘perigee full moon’ was an astronomical phenomenon, then the sight of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage embracing in a posh lift was more like the dark side of the moon.

Farage, the man who stood up for the ‘ordinary people’ during Brexit, flew in to America to congratulate his old pal, who last week reached the White House. Seriously, I mean what did we all drink last week?!


But let’s be fair. No one stands for the common folk more than Farage. In fact every time I think of him my mind immediately transports me back to the 90’s, and that classic Pulp anthem, Common People. You can just imagine it, Jarvis meandering across the dancefloor like a seductive serpent, Nige’ just behind him with nothing but a tweed jacket and his underpants to keep him honest (honest?) Partridge would be proud. A powerful, rancid image.

It’s been a week for photography though. My daughter asked me to take a picture of the start of her brother’s football match on Sunday. She really wanted to see the minute’s silence before the game started, but couldn’t make the match. Ella’s seven.

I wish that innocence, that level of respect, had been mirrored by some of the national newspapers though. Instead the Sun decided to run a cheap story suggesting Jeremy Corbyn had danced down Whitehall when attending a Remembrance Sunday event.

corbyn-jigYou know when you read a story and you immediately smell foul. Like, ‘why on earth would any human being with a brain do that?’

So I checked the Sun’s ‘story’ out. And it would seem what occurred was four pictures of Corbyn walking to the Cenotaph with a 91-year-old war veteran had been cropped, with the Labour leader’s different body positions (I think the kids call this practice ‘walking’) giving the impression that he’s actually doing a little jig. I can’t seem to find the story online anymore. I wonder why?


They say a picture tells a thousand words. What they don’t say is that those words don’t actually have to be truthful ones.


I mean just ask Wayne Rooney. Pictured in the papers – yep, you guessed it, the Sun – for being ‘almost too drunk to stand’ at the England team’s hotel on Saturday night.

Footballers. You know, those overpaid prima donnas, who don’t care about playing for their country and live in their own little bubble. Yet Rooney had popped into a couple staying at the same hotel’s wedding, on the couple’s request, for a photo opportunity. Photos have been taken and then sold to the papers, accompanied with some choice words such as ‘he looks older in person’. Delightful behaviour.

So next time a young, aspiring footballer comes face to face with Wayne ‘in person’, and asks for a photo with their idol ‘in person’, I just wonder what he’ll say…

moonStill, there were some good photos taken this week, like this little beauty by (Instagram) of the so-called Super moon. 10 out of 10 for artistic impression if nothing more.

Keep your phone handy, Matt – I’m sure the Sun will be interested.


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