Let’s all laugh at Donald Trump, and other hilarious things…

If you’ve been across social media this week, you’ll have seen the plethora of puns, parodies and downright provocative pranks pointed at POTUS, otherwise known as Donald Trump.

Now, I’m all for a joke, a gaff, a yank of one’s chain, so to speak. Heck, when I was at Uni I once decorated a female housemate’s bedroom with a load of scrunched-up tissues. She had an irrational fear of scrunched-up tissues, so it really was a hilarious prank. Oh how we laughed.

She got her own back though: hitting me over the head with a saucepan. I carry a scar above my eye to this day. It was the least I deserved.



this is not real

Laughs at Trump’s expense have been absolutely rife this week. I’ve seen GIFs showing Trump in his Oval office, doodling child-like daubing’s of himself, instead of signing off, you know, the building of the Mexican wall or something. But my personal favourite is the app at trumpdonald.org, which allows users to ‘trump a trumpet’ in Donald’s face, blowing his quaffed bouffant all over the place.


#lol #lol #lol (laugh out loud, not lots of love). Eric Bantona has been informed and the Archbishop of Banterbury is rolling down the aisle in fits of laughter.

But here’s the thing.

While we all share, like and comment on these frivolous funnies, Trump is busy beavering away in the White House, being evil and acting like the most powerful man in the world – largely because HE IS THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD.

A look through this article will reveal his ‘greatest hits’ since taking office, including banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, and blocking countries that receive cash from the US fro using that money on providing ‘abortion services’.

Who’s laughing now?

Not the 1.8 million people who have already signed the petition for Trump’s invitation to Buckingham Palace later this year to be binned off. Nor the tens of thousands of people who took to UK streets on Monday to protest against his visit.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said Trump’s invite still stands, despite the obvious opposition. I mean, we’ve all been there right? Inviting someone new in town to a party, only to find they walk a load of dog mess into your home and all over your cream carpet, drink you out of house and home and then belch in your Mother’s face on the way out.

Still, it’s all fun and games. And here’s a couple of others I’ve heard this week which’ll make you laugh.

First is the England rugby player Joe Marler, who revealed yesterday how he recovered from a broken leg in just three weeks by drinking two pints of full-fat milk every day. Of course this is the weekend when, every year, I sit down to watch the Six Nations, only to realise shortly after the first game starts that I am a feebly weak human being.

Next a lady at work, who told of the time she put her lycra yoga pants on her parent’s ‘gas stove thingy’ – aka a gas fire – only for said slacks to melt. She managed to prize them off with a ‘silver scraper thing’ – a spatula – but alas the gas stove thingy was already ruined.

Finally, and my personal favourite, was the car blown up by police which was parked outside a police station. Turns out the car had been parked there by fellow officers after the driver had been taken ill earlier in the day.

‘I’m sure the driver saw the funny side,’ said Radio 5 Live’s Anna Thornton. Well, we all love a laugh, don’t we.




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