The crew behind me is… Team Woof!

There’s a rather catchy slogan doing the rounds on my LinkedIn TL at the moment; ‘The crew behind you.’ 

What does it mean, i hear you asking? Go look it up – it’ll enhance their SEO stats.

I like it. It reassures customers in quite a contemporary, understated way, rather than the usual ‘we listened to you and we acted’ empty platitudinal-type marketing. It’s catchy too. Like a Little Mix song, but without the inappropriate lyrics that your seven year old daughter (and, secretly, your eight year old son, although he vociferously denies it) keeps singing around the house.

It made me think, as I beavered away in my office at home this week, about my crew. Who’s behind me? As a freelancer, I’m on my own. But then I literally looked behind me, and there were my pooches, JoJo and Rosie, snuggled up on their beds. So yeah, my crew. Team Woof!

But you can’t beat a good slogan. Just like the Tory party’s ‘Strong and Stable Government’ effort, that’s not getting irritating at all right now. Personally it enrages me that people will vote for Theresa May purely because to pick her will lead to a stable future (hello, we’re coming out of the EU – what exactly is stable about that?!) Or the fact she’s refused to debate with her rivals, basically because she doesn’t want anyone to find out anything about her policies. Hardly ‘strong’.

Instead we’re left to mull over the carefully-choreographed soundbites, strategically released through the press. It stinks. But that’s modern politics for you. They talk about fake news. What about fake democracy?

Mind you, when May’s got Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon in her arsenal of weapons (erm, yup), it’s no wonder she wants them to remain silent.

Back in the world of Into Words, I’m currently doing a day a week in London, with the rest of my time working from home. I quite like heading to the City once a week. It’s good to meet up with my colleagues, and obviously it’s a massive bonus to be able to pick up an Italian Prosciutto baguette from Pret, and a latte from the Black Sheep, the best coffee shop in the City.

Obviously the commute takes a bit of getting used to, but the journey is enhanced by my lovely train company, South West Trains, providing free wifi for the duration of my journey. I fire up my favourite social media app, and up pops the URL asking for my email – again – so that i can login. Only, there is no service, is there South West Trains, you naughty little, data-teasing menaces you. The wifi lights are on, but there’s nobody home.

The book is also progressing well. We’ve interviewed a few more players this week including Dimi Mascarenhas, Jimmy Adams, Liam Dawson and Chris Wood – all ex-colleagues of Batesy’s when he played for Hampshire.

I had a nice chat with some spectators at Hampshire’s ground, the Ageas Bowl, last Friday. They were talking about a talented young wicketkeeper who’d unfortunately been released a few years ago.

“Michael Bates?” I ventured.

“That’s the fellow!” the fans exclaimed.

“There’ll be a book out on him soon, you know.” I added. I think they call that a shameless plug.

Finally I couldn’t finish without tipping my hat to Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden singer who passed away this week. Black Hole Sun was one of those songs that’s inextricably linked  to my childhood; it’s one of those tracks I probably listened to 30 or 40 times a day. Give it a listen, and ‘wash away the pain’ of your week. The video is nuts too.

Have a good Friday.


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