I’m Tom Huelin, and I’ve been writing, in one form or another, all my life.

I ‘published’ my first piece – a football magazine – aged 10. By 15 I’d evolved into writing Rik Mayall-inspired short stories. My delightfully-liberal English teacher taking great pleasure in reading these out to my class – it is quite amazing to recall a room of spotty teenagers starring in disbelief as she launched into monologues crafted out of, as Mayall himself would’ve called it, ‘language of the guttersnipe.’

Me on stage in London somewhere, 2006

At uni my creative juices were absorbed almost exclusively by my Fender Strat, as I started a band and toured the country for three years. As you do. We were sure we were going to make it, ‘whatever that means’, as the Arctic Monkeys later qualified. We didn’t.

Instead I got a Financial Services job in London, my writing lost in a fog of stability and security. In 2006 I met Maria. In 2008 we married and had our first child, Liam. In 2009 Ella also arrived. ‘You wanna be creative? How’s about you learn how to change a soiled nappy.’ Living the actual dream.

The first three years of parenthood were a blur. Still are. But as focus returned to, well, our lives, I suddenly noticed the return of that creative bug. That yearning to write something. Anything.

And so I did. But not in an A4 pad as 10 years hence I would’ve. Instead I started a blog, about football and cricket mainly. This led to me writing the odd article for the Guardian, ESPNCricinfo and All Out Cricket, which in turn led to my first full-time writing gig as an Investment Writer back in 2015.

That brings us to the here and now, and Friday Dress Down. This is a blog about life and modern parenthood, to rip off – ever so slightly – the name of the first Kings of Leon album. This is my view on life, my take on news, politics and sport, but mainly the way things impacts me and the fam. Simples.

Thanks for reading, both this and the blogs. If you’d like to ping me a line, please use the form below.